Monday, February 18, 2013

A good nights rest!

What would you pay for a good nights rest? While massage therapy can really help reduce the stress and tension so many of us carry in our neck and shoulders, sometimes more is needed. While many of my clients leave feeling like a new person, they then return to their broken mattress and worn out, ill-supportive pillow. Not getting the proper nights rest has so many adverse effects on our health that we all know all too well. Add to that list neck, shoulder, back pain and the ensuing headaches! Many go out a drop $1000 on a new mattress only to discover their neck still hurting! Why do so many forget the importance of a good pillow? The tossing and turning at night is so many times NOT your mattress but your pillow!

When I first came in contact with the ultimate sleeping pillow by Therapeutica, I was a bit skeptical  It looks funny to say the least...I thought it would be so hard to get used to. But after ONE night, my mind was changed forever!!! After 8 years! Yes, that's right....8 YEARS WITH THE SAME PILLOW. It still holds the same shape and provides the same comfortable nights rest. I was the first that I know of to experience this revolutionary way of sleeping and have been prompting all of my clients to follow. The pillow manufacturers have really thought of it all. Words can not express what a change this pillow can make and how it makes you feel. The closest statement I've heard that sums it up was from one of my clients' father who called me to say, "I have not slept like that since I was a young boy!" or like a Chiropractor who told me, "I didn't even realize I was dealing with aches and pains in my neck until I actually got a true good nights rest!". These comments and many more make me so happy. While my massage therapy can help eliminate so many of the causes of headaches and migraines, this can all be undone by the 6-8 hours of sleeping unsupported.

So, how much would you pay for a good nights rest? $75? From my point of view, it is well worth it and more!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Medical Study proves Back Pain relief through Massage Therapy!

Neck & Back Pain Relief
So many have known this simple fact for years! But it sure is nice to see a medical study that finally proves it. So how does this really work? How can massage therapy really help relief back pain and in that case, muscle pain in general? Well, first off, there are many differing philosophies about how to bring about effective change on muscle tissue. 

Many Chiropractors feel that all muscle spasms can easily be fixed with an adjustment of a subluxated joint. While the Physical Therapists of the world feel that a muscle spasm is a sign of muscle weakness and needs to be exercised, stretched and strengthened. Then there is the army of Massage Therapists that believe a muscle spasm just needs to be "pressured" into submission. The truth of the matter is....they are all partly correct! 

Chances are, if you have been having a chronic muscle spasm, you will probably need the assistance of all three professionals. When a joint is "out" or subluxated, the attached muscle tissue will go into spasm either from being overly stretched or from being forced into hyper tension. This may in turn fatigue the muscle tissue rendering it in a weakened state. But until you get the underlying muscle tissue to stop the involuntary spasm, you will have little to no success with your chiropractic "adjustment" or the physical therapy "exercise". 

That is why so many times one must return frequently to the Chiropractor to get an adjustment again, because the muscle tissue is still in spasm, pulling and fixating the joint back to where it was before. As for CAN NOT exercise inhibited muscle tissue...PERIOD. So if the muscle is in spasm, there is ZERO point in trying to strengthen it. 

This is were Massage Therapy can compliment both Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, by first, stopping the muscle spasm and returning normal blood flow to the area. Then the chiropractic adjustment will hold better and the exercise program can then actually increase the strength of the muscle tissue with out just forcing the body to compensate by using the other surrounding muscles.

I'm not even going to touch the subject of what a medical doctor will do.........medicate it or chop it off??? Wow what an option!

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Car accidents! Do's and Don't's from a massage therapist's perspective.

Jamin Rak Massage Therapy
What do you do when this happens?
Why is a Massage Therapist such as myself writing a blog about car accidents??? Because, after 15 years of working with patients and trying to help them get back to their life without the pain, I am sad to see how many fall into the "insurance game" trap. This brings unnecessary stress to the victim having to worry about paying for care which in turn hinders them from a full recovery. So here are my thoughts, being that I have worked on hundreds and hundreds of car accident victims, of what to do...and what not to do...

Not to be a fatalist, but chances are if you have not been in a car accident yet, you most likely will at some point in your life. The real question should be, "what should I do when it happens?". First and foremost, do not panic! It's an accident after all... Take a deep breath and gather your thoughts. Are you in danger? Do you smell gasoline? Does your head hurt really bad or are you dizzy? Is your car in an area that could easily cause another car accident?

If you are dizzy, confused or have a bad headache call 911 immediately. You could have a concussion and need immediate medical attention! Do not worry about weather you have health insurance. Your PIP insurance that comes with ALL car insurance policies will cover an ambulance and other medically necessary care. I will talk more about this later.

If you have a camera phone....TAKE PICTURES!!! Of what??? 1) License plate of other driver, 2) scene of accident from multiple views, 3) damage to cars, 4) driver of other car and their driver's license. If you are blocking traffic or are in any danger of causing another accident, move your car ASAP to the side of the road after taking quick pictures of the scene of the accident.

Next, exchange insurance information. Remember...DO NOT ADMIT FAULT! Let your insurance company figure out who was in the wrong. Typically there is no need to call the police unless 1) someone is seriously hurt, 2) the driver refuses to give you their information, 3) the driver flees the scene, 4) your car is blocking traffic and or needs to be towed.

Now that you have all the insurance information you can refocus your attention to yourself! How do you feel? Is your neck stiff? Does your back hurt? Remember, ALL car insurance policies have what's called PIP insurance or PERSONAL INJURY PROTECTION. The minimum in the State of Oregon is $15,000. You can always opt for higher coverage, which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Why? Because $15,000 will go very quickly if you need any sort of treatment beyond a month or two. For example, the average cost for a ride in an ambulance...$1,000-$2,000 and you have not even checked in yet at the ER!!! The average cost of just checking in at an ER and you DO NOT stay overnight...$5,000-$15,000. YES! OHSU hospital, for example, can easily wipe out your entire policy limits in a matter of 2-4 hours!

So ask yourself. How bad do I hurt? Do I really need to go to the EMERGENCY ROOM? Or, can I maybe go to URGENT CARE? Or, maybe I can just go to my primary care physician like a Chiropractor to get checked out? These other options are WAY cheaper and in the end will allow you to spend your insurance policy money on actually feeling better, like getting Massage Therapy!

But you might say, "so what if my bill exceeds my PIP insurance, it wasn't my fault and the other guy will have to pay!". Well, you are kinda right...BUT and this is the big BUT... what is their policy limit? The State of Oregon policy limit minimums are $25,000 per PERSON with $50,000 per ACCIDENT. So what does that mean? Let's say there were four of you in the car and all needed medical attention. Each of you would receive the PIP insurance coverage of $15,000 EACH....BUT once the PIP is exhausted and it's time to go after the 3rd party insurance policy you would only get $12,500 PER PERSON MAX!!! Because, its $25,000 per person or $50,000 per ACCIDENT! That means the four of you will need to split the $50,000 four ways.

So you see. When it comes to your medical care, you MUST think about your policy limits, and the limits of the person at fault. When things start to get more complicated like the example I stated earlier, I always recommend to my clients that they seek out a qualified personal injury lawyer to help them navigate the insurance "game". Do your research too! Don't just do with the first lawyer you meet. Interview them! Remember, they work for YOU!

Hopefully you will never need this information...BUT if you have the unfortunate car accident in the future, I hope that this brief explanation will help you be better prepared. All I really care about is that the people who get injured get better and get better fast. Without the worries and problems that can easily arise from a couple bad decisions.

I have made a list of recommendations for health care providers here! Good health to you!